Reflections of Persian classical music

Duo Rokhs was created in winter 2021 by musicians Sogol Mirzaei and Hossein Rad, with the aim of interpreting the classical Persian music repertoire without restricting themselves to a particular period or region of the Iranian world.

Duo members

Sogol Mirzaei


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Hossein Rad

Vocals, dâyereh, tombak

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This is the famous story of The Elephant and the Dark House, found in the Hindo-Buddhist world as well as in Masnavi of Rümi, the Persian mystic. In this story, the same truth gives rise to a variety of interpretations, depending on the experience and imagination of those who perceive it. The same “image” is transformed according to the person in whom it is reflected.
Rokh means “face” in Persian.