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FROM 3 TO 22 MARCH 2024

Rokhs quartet is on the road, touring Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France to greet its audience and present its first album, Bostântchi.

Reflections of Persian classical music

Rokh” means “face” in persian

Rokhs Quartet unveils the multiplicity of faces of the Persian classical repertoire, unravelling with inspired sensibility the rich weave of its influences and expressions into original compositions and novel arrangements of the tradition.

Band members

Sogol Mirzaei


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Hossein Rad

Vocals, dâyereh, tombak

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Sina Danesh


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Ava Arresazan


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Echoing the Speech of the Birds by 12th century Persian Sufi poet Farid al-Din Attâr, here each instrument opens a new path in the quest for singularity yet participates in the creation of a desired collective being.

… Rokhs designates in French a fabulous bird found in Persian and Indian tales.

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